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Spoiler Analysis

The following analysis use a simplified system of calculating rarity. It's ignoring foils (it doesn't really matter for limited).

The above Get a copy of table shows all the weights by rarity. These will be used to weight each statistic.

Moreover, a spell producing three 1/1 token is considered as a 3/3 creature.

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Rarity Count Weight Ratio Per box Per pack Per sealed Per draft
Converted Mana Cost
Creatures per CMC
Creature Power and Toughness
Average P/T (non weighted)
CMC White Blue Black Red Green Gold Colorless Total
Percentage of removal per pack
Weighted CMC of removal
Effectiveness of removal
  1. Temporary (bounced, tapped)
  2. Weakened (blast, -X/-X)
  3. Incapacitated (can't block or attack)
  4. Dead (killed, countered, discarded)
  5. Exiled
Combat tricks
CMC White Blue Black Red Green Gold Colorless Total
Evasion and Card Advantage
Percentage of evasion per pack
Weighted CMC of evasion
Evasive quality
  1. Slight combat ability (trample)
  2. Difficult to block (menace)
  3. Flying
  4. Unblockable
Tribe Total CMC Power Toughness Evasive Sealed Draft
Archetypes Total CMC Sealed Draft